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Kettle full of nettle.


Oh, when I was a small kid, I hated this wort with all my heart. Honestly, who likes the itchy feeling after touching it ? But during our investigation in order to find a cheap, natural way to improve our hair We discovered that nettle brew is a great addition to a daily diet.

We are both tea addicts. Jasmine, black, green, white, yellow, earl grey, oolong tea… We love every type of this wondrous drink. Drinking nettle tea brings multiple benefits. 

a) it makes your hair grow faster

b) detoxicates your body (It’s good for your skin though you have to wait about 2 weeks to see the results. During this time you may see an unusual amount of acne but don’t be alarmed - it’ll pass)

c) makes your hair stronger and nourished

d) helps if you’re struggling with dandruff

So, only advantages, right? 

It has only one disadvantage : it washes out the vitamin B from your body, so if you drink it on a daily basis, you will  need to enrich your diet in more products that contain vitamin B (like yeast but that’s a topic for a whole new post)


Btw, I wonder whether they make a rainbow tea?